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Susan C. McGonnell, LMT

Native Floridian I moved to Las Cruces in 2009 with my husband and two dogs. We love living here and enjoy the community and all that it has offered. The people that we have met and friends that we have made are warm, friendly and kind to us. I have been practicing massage therapy for 15 plus years and it has given so much back to me personally and professionally. My experience has covered working in a private practice, gym, day spa, Orthopedic Spine and a five star resort. I have had the privilege of working with amateur, collegiate and professional sport athletes. I enjoy helping an individual recover from an injury and enabling them to get back to what makes them happy. Treating both athletes and non-athletes allows for me to call on all of my training medical massage techniques to relaxation massage treatments. I also specialize in Thai massage and I am a Master LaStone® Practitioner as I have been performing this incredible service for ten years.

Michelle Coyle

I was initially drawn to Massage Therapy by the belief that true intention can help others along their path of self-healing. I thoroughly enjoy creating a space for my clients to relax their minds, let their bodies unwind, and allow themselves to be open to receiving healing energies. I use my intuition along with a combination of technical skills ranging from Swedish massage techniques, Myofascial release, and trigger point therapy to provide a touch that allows my clients to release and let go of all that no longer serves their bodies. I strive to help my client leave my table feeling much better than before, on a physical, mental, and emotional level.

Angelica Gonzales, LMT

Massage therapy is understanding how the body communicates with us. I have a sensitive and intuitive touch. I believe in the body’s ability to heal it self and massage therapy helps restore health and overall wellness. My goal is to make every client feel at ease. No two massage sessions are alike and my treatments are focused to each individual and their personal needs. Through this practice each person will leave feeling much better then when you walked in after experiencing personalized care. My techniques include but are not limited to Swedish massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release and Sports Massage to restore function and movement throughout the body. Play hard, Relax relentlessly words to live by.

Rocio Chavez

I’m a small town girl from Chaparral, NM. I never knew I wanted to do massage. After traumatic events in my life, massage brought a positive change in my life. I enjoyed learning numerous massage modalities while training. I have added several continuing education courses in addition to my training that has enabled me to expand my healing knowledge to bring my best to the massage table and my clients. I am excited about continuing my education all over the world because the mind, body and spirit are one being.

Sara Torres

I have always had a strong desire to live creatively and help people. Massage Therapy has given me a way to mesh my two passions. The natural healing that massage provides and the flexibility that it gives me to create a care plan that best fits everyone’s needs is what really drew me to this profession and inspires me to continue to develop and grow my knowledge every day and my reach a greater clientele. By working together with each client, I hope to bring less pain and more relaxation into everyone’s life increasing their quality of life and ultimately bettering this world.