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The Massage Club Signature Massage

Let our highly trained therapist perform a soothing and relaxing massage based on the needs
of your body. This massage utilizes light to firm pressure that will release the
stress and tension that your muscles are holding on to. You will leave feeling
better and rejuvenated!

Non Member : 30 Minutes : $45.00 | 60 Minutes : $70.00 | 90 Minutes : $100.00

Member Rate : 30 Minutes : $35.00 | 60 Minutes : $50.00 | 90 Minutes : $75.00

Couples Massage

Our Signature Massage for two! This is a great way to celebrate an anniversary, birthday, engagement or just the two of you! Two therapists, two massage tables in one room. You and your special someone will enjoy a soothing massage that will leave you both feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

Non Member : 60 Minutes : $70.00 Each | 90 Minutes : $100.00 Each

Member Rate : 60 Minutes : $50.00 Each | 90 Minutes : $75.00 Each

LaStone MassageĀ®

This massage is designed to benefit the guest on a much deeper level than what traditional massage can. The multifaceted technique assists in bringing the mind, body and soul into balance. You will experience massage performed using heated basalt stones incorporated with less heated marble stones. The service will leave you feeling more rejuvenated with benefits that are believed to last longer than that of a traditional massage service! Not recommended for expectant mothers.

Non Member : 90 Minutes : $115.00

Member Rates : 90 Minutes : $95.00

Prenatal Massage

Oooo, Ahhh prenatal massage. The benefits of prenatal massage are many. The massage can provide the expectant mother relief from muscle cramps and spasms as well as reducing swelling by improving the lymphatic circulation. The massage can also help reduce the physical and emotional stress that comes with pregnancy. The service is recommended after the expectant mothers first trimester.

Non Member : 60 Minutes : $80.00 | 90 Minutes : $115.00

Member Rate : 60 Minutes : $60.00 |90 Minutes : $85.00

Hand and Foot Treatment

Using essential oils and a vitamin enriched lotion your therapist will indulge your hands and feet in a treatment that will leave your whole body feeling refreshed and rejuvenated! The treatment done in an hour service to incorporate both the hands and feet receiving equal attention and is finished with heated hand and foot mitts.

Non Member : 30 Minutes : $40.00 | 60 Minutes : $60.00

Member Rate : 30 Minutes : $30.00 | 60 Minutes : $40.00

Sports Massage

Sports massage is ideal for the avid athlete or the weekend warriors! This massage combines very deep massage techniques and stretching to decongest the muscle tissue and relieve stress on joints. This service is specific to individual. A 90 minute session is recommended to do a thorough full body Sports Massage and a 60 minute session can be best utilized for working out specific problem areas.

Non Member : 60 Minutes : $75.00 | 90 Minutes : $100.00

Member Rate : 60 Minutes : $55.00 | 90 Minutes : $80.00


Reflexology is an ancient art with the precise date or origination unknown. There is evidence of this healing treatment being practiced 5,000 years ago in ancient Asian cultures. This alternative therapy that focuses pointed specific areas of the feet and hands. The "reflexes" are stimulated and encourage the nerve conduction and blood flow to the correlating area of the body or internal organ systems. This service can be enjoyed by everyone including expectant mothers past their first trimester or even adding a 30 minute session onto an hour Signature Massage!

Non Member : 30 Minutes : $40.00 | 60 Minutes : $65.00

Member Rate : 30 Minutes : $30.00 | 60 Minutes : $45.00

Headache And Sinus Relief Massage

This is a unique treatment targeted for those that suffer from chronic headaches and sinus issues. Using hand carved marble stones and a special blend of essential oils for relieving headaches and sinus pain your therapist will massage your head, neck and face. Specific techniques are incorporated to target the pressure points in these areas to relieve the pressure and discomfort related to seasonal allergy issues and chronic headaches.

Non Member : 60 Minutes : $60.00

Member Rate : 60 Minutes : $40.00